About Us

Our company is called Phoenix Distributors Ethiopia and we are based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, East Africa. Our company distributes FMCG products through our own network of Sales Representatives and managed database of registered partner outlets located at different major regions of Ethiopia. We provide and implement lucrative end-to-end route to market strategies for our partners’ brands ensuring an efficient and effective delivery of products to customers. With continuous engagement with our customers through focused interviews and surveys, we constantly update our route to market intelligence enabling us to have an in-depth understanding of what the customers want, and how they want it.
Through the adoption and use of Industry standard technologies and superior knowledge of the local market, Phoenix Distributors Ethiopia delivers more sales and effective brand representation for the products it distributes. Our distribution network covers in and around the major densely populated cities of the country, and keeps on growing. We have a competent team of highly skilled people who come from a diverse background of professions and Industries comprising of marketing, sales, distribution, finance, logistics and Information Technology.
With a huge population of over 105 million and rapid economic growth (9% in 2019), Ethiopia offers considerable opportunities and potential for manufacturers and investors who intend to enter and develop their brands in the market. The population size and the economic boom has enabled the country to be ranked among the most potentially lucrative markets in the African Continent, especially on the FMCG sector.

Our Vision

To be the preferred distributor for FMCG manufactures in Ethiopia while creating superior financial value for our shareholders, our customers, our manufacturing partners and our employees.

Our Mission

To be the most efficient consumer goods distribution company in Ethiopia leveraging technology as a competitive advantage.

Our Values

Our core values include Respect, Agility, Innovation & Discipline (RAID).

Despite all the potential, the current market trends indicate that majority of the brands arrive through grey market dealings with exploitative and unethical supply chain dealings leading to counterfeit products and artificial price points. This is where Phoenix Distribution Ethiopia comes in to the picture, with a reputation with customers for associating with genuine and trusted products only, our company manages its market and channel stakeholders with full integrity and accountability. We believe in and are governed by the principles of honesty, transparency and integrity all throughout our organizational activities.
We provide cost effective route to market solutions for manufacturers of fast-moving consumer goods to ensure accessibility and availability of products/brands in stores. Our competent team of highly skilled people come from a variety of professions and Industries comprising of marketing, sales, distribution, finance, logistics and Information Technology.

By Appling the right sales strategies we create a strong market access, better market access. Our focus is to source quality branded goods worldwide at low and competitive prices to satisfy the ever increasing demand in Ethiopia. We come in handy on brand activation, being a brand ambassador, promotional activities, consumer sampling. Adherence to technology enables us to excel in delivering more sales and brand representation


Taos Tower, 11th Floor, Mozambique St, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Phone:  +251 912 640 514
Email: Thomas@phoenix-ethiopia.com
web: www.phoenix-ethiopia.com